Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries. In fact, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that motorcyclists are 35 times more like to receive a fatal injury in an accident than a person in a passenger vehicle. Motorcyclists are also 8 times more likely to suffer from traumatic injuries. Common Motorcycle Injuries Broken/fractured […]

Birth Injuries

Bringing a baby into the world is an exciting time for parents, and thanks to advances in childbirth techniques, most deliveries are relatively stress-free compared to the experiences of our ancestors. However, even with medical advancements, complications can occur during pregnancy and/or delivery, possibly causing injury to the infant. Birth injuries are harm that occurs […]

National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month! This is a great time to evaluate your home, property, vehicles, and safety equipment for any improvements or updates needed. According to, more than one third of child injuries and fatalities occur at home. Taking the time to perform any necessary maintenance, check for recalls, and educate children in […]