Exploding Batteries? The Dangers of Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

Lithium-ion batteries are used in everything from electric scooters to residential solar energy systems to electric vehicles. They’re generally easy to use, low maintenance, and versatile, providing a great renewable energy solution. The problem? When lithium-ion batteries overheat or fail, flammable and toxic gasses are released. These gases can create a fast-spreading fire that’s really […]

Consumer Product Recalls and Your Safety

Defective and unsafe products can cause serious injuries and even death. Recalls of everyday products increased in 2022 by 33% compared to 2021. Are products getting more dangerous or is oversight getting more intense? It’s hard to say, but it’s important to take product recalls seriously. In many cases, people continue to use recalled products […]

Check for Recalls During Vehicle Safety Recalls Week

Vehicle recalls shouldn’t be taken lightly. Recalls affect your safety and the safety of your passengers. Vehicle Safety Recalls week is an important reminder to check for open recalls on your vehicles. There are hundreds of recalls issued annually. Also, sometimes recalls are updated. For example, several Takata air bag recalls were upgraded to “Do […]

Getting Help After a Prescription Drug Injury

Although medication must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before being sold in the United States, drug injuries from both prescription and over-the-counter medicines can occur. In some cases, defective medicines cause harm. In others, unclear warning labels or instructions fail to provide important information to patients. Medications can also be mishandled […]

December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month

It’s very important to consider safety and age range when selecting toys for children. Prevent Blindness America hosts Safe Toys and Gifts Month each December to remind everyone of the importance of toy safety. Preventing Eye Injuries Accidents with toys can result in eye injuries for children. Prevent Blindness America reports that thousands of children […]