Reduce the Likelihood of Work-Related Crashes

Hoosier workers are more likely to be killed by motor vehicle crashes than by any other work-related hazards. In 2014, 52 individuals died due to incidents related to transportation while working in Indiana. These incidents included car accidents, non-roadway accidents involving motorized land vehicles, and pedestrians who were struck by vehicles while working. These incidents […]

HIPAA and Caregiver Rights

More than 53 million Americans are unpaid caregivers for family, friends, and neighbors. Nearly one third of adult caregivers are providing assisting to someone with a mental illness. Knowing what to do when your loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis can be tough. You’re concerned about them, want to know what is happening, […]

Navigating 2020 Holiday Celebrations

Many Americans are looking forward to reuniting with loved ones during the fall and winter holidays. But as COVID-19 cases continue to increase across the nation, most of us are also wondering if and how we should consider gathering this holiday season. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides helpful information for navigating […]