Bridge Collapse Accidents

The Francis Scott Key bridge collapse in Maryland was a tragic event that resulted in several deaths. Although that tragedy occurred because of a container ship losing power, bridges throughout the United States are at risk of causing accidents.

Many bridges that are in operation today are decades old and need regular maintenance and repairs. Weather conditions and increased traffic can cause elements to break down or corrode.

Bridge Collapses

Bridge collapses have occurred throughout the United States. High winds, deterioration of footings, corrosion, shifting water/debris buildup, and inadequate drainage are causes of several bridge collapses throughout the past few decades.

Aging infrastructure and hidden defects can lead to bridge collapses. Injuries range from scrapes and bruises to drowning, head injuries, and hypothermia.

What to Do if a Bridge Collapses

Plummeting into water in a vehicle is risky at best. If you find yourself in a vehicle that is suddenly submerged in water, NPR says to get out as fast you can. Don’t call 911 or wait for the vehicle to fill with water. Try to get out through the windows before the car is fully underwater. Remove your seatbelt, open the window, and get out immediately, putting children first.

If you’ve been injured in a bridge collapse accident, it’s important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney. Because bridges often connect states or counties, it can be difficult to determine the boundaries of the accident.

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