Birth Injuries

_DSC5721Bringing a baby into the world is an exciting time for parents, and thanks to advances in childbirth techniques, most deliveries are relatively stress-free compared to the experiences of our ancestors. However, even with medical advancements, complications can occur during pregnancy and/or delivery, possibly causing injury to the infant.

Birth injuries are harm that occurs to an infant related to a complication in the labor or delivery process. Lack of oxygen, severe head injuries, and other types of birth injuries can cause severe complications.

In some birth injury cases, harm to the child could have been prevented with proper care. Improper prenatal care and a doctor’s failure to observe or care for conditions are common scenarios that sometimes lead to birth injuries.

Medical malpractice claims related to birth injuries may include improper medical device use, failure to perform a needed cesarean section, failure to recognize pregnancy disorders such as hypertension, and more.

Birth defects are harm to an infant that occurred prior to birth, usually related to something that happened during or prior to the mother’s pregnancy. Heredity and environmental factors can cause birth defects. In some cases, medication prescribed to the mother can cause harm to the infant.

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