Consumer Product Recalls and Your Safety

Defective and unsafe products can cause serious injuries and even death. Recalls of everyday products increased in 2022 by 33% compared to 2021. Are products getting more dangerous or is oversight getting more intense? It’s hard to say, but it’s important to take product recalls seriously. In many cases, people continue to use recalled products […]

Check for Recalls During Vehicle Safety Recalls Week

Vehicle recalls shouldn’t be taken lightly. Recalls affect your safety and the safety of your passengers. Vehicle Safety Recalls week is an important reminder to check for open recalls on your vehicles. There are hundreds of recalls issued annually. Also, sometimes recalls are updated. For example, several Takata air bag recalls were upgraded to “Do […]

Gas Stoves and Indoor Air Quality

Gas stoves have been making headlines recently as the US Consumer Product Safety Commission works to regulate them. Research has linked the use of gas stoves to respiratory illness, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and other health conditions. How Gas Stoves Impact Indoor Air Quality Natural gas stoves are currently used in about 40% of US homes. […]

Medical Identity Theft: Is Someone Using Your Information?

Protecting your medical information is important. Beyond that, it’s also helpful to know how to tell if someone is using your medical information. In this article, we’ll share warning signs and tips for what to do if you suspect medical identity theft. Warning Signs Suspicious bills and other questionable medical information can be warning signs. […]

How to Avoid Medical Identity Theft

Medical identity theft occurs when someone else uses your medical information to visit a doctor, get prescription medication, submit health insurance claims with your provider, buy medical devices, or similar. The information used can vary from your name to your insurance account number, Medicare number, or Social Security number. This type of identity theft can […]