Holding the Insurance Companies Accountable

Car AccidentFor many of us, driving is a necessary part of everyday life. Unfortunately, the road isn’t always safe. Every year people are seriously injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents, leading to devastating physical, emotional and financial burdens.

Even the best drivers cannot avoid or be prepared for the negligent acts of others on the road. Talk to an injury attorney before speaking to the insurance companies. Signing the wrong papers could mean that you have settled for less than you deserve.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, you deserve justice. You don’t have to go through this difficult time alone.  You don’t have to settle for the small amount the insurance company offers you.  The insurance companies will deny or limit the value of your claims any way they can. When you choose Schuerman Law, you can be confident knowing that an experienced legal team will aggressively fight for the full compensation of your claim.

Schuerman Law is on Your Side

You need a lawyer to protect your rights and fight for the compensation you need and deserve.  Our goal is to make the legal process easier for you so that you can get back to healing.  We will deal with the insurance companies and give you the support you need every step of the way.  We will fight for your rights and demand justice from those responsible.

Schuerman Law has the experience and resources to collect all the necessary information to prove your personal injury case in court. From accident site investigations, reenactments and photographs, to witness statements and obtaining the police report, Schuerman Law will thoroughly investigate your accident case.

The insurance companies will be held accountable for your losses. We will help you settle your property damage claim and if you are entitled to a rental car, we will be sure that you have a vehicle to drive while yours is being repaired.  We will obtain the necessary medical documents and reports so that your treatment, and pain and suffering are carefully documented.

No matter how severe the accident, it is highly advised that you see a doctor immediately following the accident. Explain the accident details and describe any injuries you have sustained no matter how small they may seem to you. It is important to get everything documented and to have a professional doctor evaluate your conditions.

Types of Truck and Auto Accidents

  • Car – car crashes
  • Car – truck crashes
  • 18-wheeler/Semi Trailer accidents
  • Drunk driver accidents
  • Driver inattention
  • Unlicensed drivers
  • Underinsured motorist and uninsured motorist claims
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) violations
  • Construction zone accidents
  • Loose freight injuries

With over 40 years of experience, John Schuerman is a compassionate advocate for injury victims and their families while being an aggressive fighter for justice and full compensation for their claims.  Call 1-800-274-0045 today for a free consultation. Evening and weekend appointments as well as home and hospital visits are available.