The Cost of Traffic Accidents in America: $340 Billion in 2019

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a report called “The Economic and Societal Impact of Motor Vehicle Crashes, 2019.” According to the report, the costs of one year of vehicle crashes resulted in an estimated 36,500 deaths, 4.5 million injuries, and 23 million damaged vehicles. This cost approximately $340 billion dollars. That’s […]

How Common Are Indiana Trucking Collisions?

Thousands of large trucks drive through the “Crossroads of America” each day. In fact, Indiana is the 5th busiest state for commercial freight traffic. With so many trucks on the road, accidents are bound to happen. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should know about Indiana trucking accidents and what to do if you’re […]

How to Prevent Common Workplace Hazards

From chemical management to housekeeping, there are common workplace hazards that National Safety Council inspectors see again and again. Taking steps to help prevent these hazards can lead to fewer workplace injuries and instill a culture of safety. In this article, we’re sharing a few of the most common workplace hazards and what you can […]

Gas Stoves and Indoor Air Quality

Gas stoves have been making headlines recently as the US Consumer Product Safety Commission works to regulate them. Research has linked the use of gas stoves to respiratory illness, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and other health conditions. How Gas Stoves Impact Indoor Air Quality Natural gas stoves are currently used in about 40% of US homes. […]