What is Dental Malpractice?

Going to the dentist can be a pain for some people, especially if they experience issues such as cavities. Although some minor discomfort might be expected from normal dental treatments, dental malpractice can cause other types of pain. Dental malpractice can occur when a dental patient is harmed due to sub-standard care. Dentists, orthodontists, and […]

Know the Signs of Elder Abuse

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that over 500,000 older Americans are abused or neglected each year. Knowing how to identify elder abuse and what to do if you suspect abuse is crucial to protecting your loved ones. Types of Elder Abuse While you may think of elder abuse as physical abuse, […]

How to Handle a Car Accident with an Unlicensed Driver

Being in any kind of car accident is stressful. But an accident involving an unlicensed driver can be even more challenging, especially if you’re also recovering from car accident injuries. Here’s what you should know if you’re involved in an accident with an unlicensed driver. Who’s Liable? Liability is determined by the circumstances that caused […]