Child Injury

Every child has the right to a safe and healthy life, but it is all too easy for a defenseless child to fall victim to negligence or recklessness of another. When a child has been seriously injured, families want answers.  It’s important to reach out for help right away.  This will start the legal process, help protect the evidence and preserve your child and your family’s rights.

Children are susceptible to all sorts of injuries such as choking, drowning, animal bites, playground injuries, crib and car seat injuries, sports injuries, burn injuries, medication errors, bicycle helmet injuries and so much more.

The repercussions of a child’s injury are not only physical but emotional as well, not only for them but for the entire family. Schuerman Law understands this and will work to get your child and family the care necessary so that you may move forward with your lives.

The safety of your children is a serious matter and John Schuerman has handled thousands of injury cases in his 40 years of helping people and their families. John is a compassionate advocate for injury victims and their families while being an aggressive fighter for justice and full compensation for their claims. Schuerman Law has a large network of medical experts and accident investigators who help us get answers.

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