Consumer Product Recalls and Your Safety

Defective and unsafe products can cause serious injuries and even death. Recalls of everyday products increased in 2022 by 33% compared to 2021.

Are products getting more dangerous or is oversight getting more intense? It’s hard to say, but it’s important to take product recalls seriously.

In many cases, people continue to use recalled products because they are unaware of consumer product recalls. In this article we’ll discuss recent product recall trends and how to stay informed.

2022 Consumer Product Recalls

292 products were removed from stores in 2022 due to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls. That’s the most since 2007, when more than 400 products were recalled. The CPSC has authority over more than 15,000 types of products.

65 of those 292 product recalls involved injuries or deaths. In the 2022 report, those 65 recalls reported 652 injuries and six fatalities. Approximately 85 product recalls involved items for babies or children or that pose a risk for little ones. Here are the other top recall categories:

  • Furniture, furnishings and décor
  • Kitchen
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Yard and garden

Risk of fire, risk of poisoning, choking hazard, and excessive lead levels were among the most common reasons for 2022 consumer product recalls.

When Are Products Recalled?

Recalls typically occur when testing reveals that a consumer product doesn’t meet U.S. safety standards. Products are also recalled when they relate to potentially dangerous incidents, illnesses, injuries, or fatalities. When a product is recalled, consumers should either discard or return the item for a refund or contact the company about repairs.

Products that threaten consumer safety while performing the functions for which they were created require recalls, but sometimes it takes months or years for a dangerous product to be recalled. Product defects fall into three categories: design, manufacturing, or marketing. If you’ve been injured due to a defective or unsafe product, any company in the item’s supply chain may be held accountable. It’s important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney to help you navigate this complex landscape.

Recalls are sometimes announced multiple times. Injuries can continue to occur long after a recall is issued. And, unfortunately, in some cases retailers continue to sell products after they’ve been recalled, even though it is illegal and puts people in danger. Recalled products are not allowed to be sold in retail stores, thrift stores, consignment shops, or at yard sales or flea markets.

Consumers often assume that the products they purchase are safe and have gone through testing to meet safety standards. However, not all products have mandatory safety standards. While companies should still test them, there is a lack of oversight.

Children’s products must comply with stricter rules than most consumer products. They are also required to pass testing at a CPSC-accepted laboratory. Parents and caregivers should register children’s products to be notified of recalls. Car seats, strollers, play gyms, and numerous other products are recalled frequently, so it’s important to stay informed.

Check For Product Recalls

You can search for product recalls on and You can search for complaints on Make time to check your appliances, electronics, and any items used by kids regularly to ensure there are no open recalls. When possible, register your product with the manufacturer to get notified of recalls.

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