Safe Sleep 101

_DSC8275A safe crib is the best place for a baby to sleep. The United States Product Safety Commission has recalled nearly 7 million cribs since 2007. Many of those cribs have drop-sides that allow parents and caregivers to easily access the inside of the crib. The issue is that these moveable parts are prone to breaking and causing significant injuries or fatalities.

Is Your Crib Safe?

If you have an infant in the house, check to make sure that your crib meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s federal safety standards. It should also remain free of clutter such as pillows, heavy/thick blankets, large stuffed toys, child carrying devices, and sleep positioners.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a concern for parents of infants. The Back-to-Sleep Campaign recommends putting your child to sleep on his or her back on a tight-fitting, firm, flat mattress or surface that is included in the bassinet, crib, or play yard.

Here are a few more tips for making sure that your child’s crib is safe:

  • There should be no gaps larger than the space of two fingers between the mattress and the sides of a crib.
  • Cribs should be assembled following manufacturer instructions. Double check to be sure that every piece is installed properly.
  • Keep pillows and thick blankets out of the baby’s sleeping area to help prevent suffocation.
  • Do not place the crib near any cords, including window blinds, curtain cords, and baby monitor cords.
  • If toys are attached to the sides of the crib, make sure that they are attached securely and only on a single side. Toys should not include any cords or straps that could wrap around the baby’s neck.
  • Cribs that have been broken or modified or that are more than 10 years old should not be used because babies can be strangled by gaps between loose parts or broken slats.

Before using a crib, check the crib recall list for the model. When using a crib, check it regularly for loose parts. Stop using the crib if you believe it is unsafe.

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