Medical Identity Theft: Is Someone Using Your Information?

Protecting your medical information is important. Beyond that, it’s also helpful to know how to tell if someone is using your medical information. In this article, we’ll share warning signs and tips for what to do if you suspect medical identity theft.

Warning Signs

Suspicious bills and other questionable medical information can be warning signs. Here are a few to look out for:

  • Debt collection calls for medical debt you don’t have
  • Medical debt collection notices you don’t recognize on your credit report
  • Errors in Explanation of Benefits statements (medications you don’t take, services you didn’t receive)
  • A benefit limit notice from your health insurance company
  • A bill for medical services you didn’t get

Does something seem fishy? Keep reading to find out what to do about it.

How to Handle Someone Using Your Medical Information

If you think someone is using your medical details, limit the damage by following these steps. Start by getting and reviewing your medical records, then reporting any errors. Call each place where your information may have been used by the identify thief and explain the situation. Ask for copies of the medical records.

Report any errors in writing to your health care provider. Include a copy of the incorrect medical record and explain why it’s not correct. Send it by certified mail. The health care provider has 30 days to respond to your request and must notify other providers who could have the same mistake in their records.

Review your credit reports and report any medical billing errors to all three credit bureaus. Then go to to create a personal recovery plan and prevent your personal information from being used in other circumstances.

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