National Bath Safety Month: Tips for Parents

January is National Bath Safety Month, so it’s a great reminder to take precautions when bathing young children. Each year, an estimated 87 children die by drowning at home. Nearly two-thirds of these drownings took place in the bath.

Tips for Preventing Bath Injuries

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers several recommendations for caregivers to help prevent bath incidents. The first is to never leave a child alone in the bath. The risk of them slipping under the water and becoming submerged is too great. This can happen fast and silently, so supervision is key. Make sure to have everything you need for bath time on hand before the bath begins. Drain the tub immediately after the bath.

You can install non-slip mats or stickers in your tub or shower to help prevent slips and falls. Cushioned faucet covers can help prevent children from getting hurt if they slip. Use anti-slip rugs on the floor and make sure the toilet lids are kept shut and locked to prevent curious toddlers from trying to play with the water in the bowl.

Bath Temperature

Water is that is too hot can cause severe injury by scalding a child’s skin. Water that is too cold can be uncomfortable. Always test the water before letting your child enter the tub. Try to keep the bath water temperature around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a thermometer to test it or use your wrist to determine whether it’s the right temperature.

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