Consumer Safety Tips for Children’s Toys

children's toysChildren’s toys are designed for learning and fun, but sometimes they can become dangerous. Many toys manufactured in the United States must meet toy safety standards as defined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, but not all toys have to meet a specific safety standard. That means that parents and caregivers need to pay careful attention to the toys children play with to ensure that they are free of major safety concerns. Supervision also plays a role in preventing many toy safety accidents.

Common toy safety issues include:

  • Cuts from sharp areas on the toy
  • Swallowing magnetic toys
  • Chemical substances such as lead paint ingestion
  • Motor toy vehicle moving parts pinching
  • Choking on small pieces of the toy

Here are a few consumer safety tips to help keep your kids safe around their toys:

  • Be sure to take a moment to read all safety instructions prior to allowing your children to play with a new toy. Follow all age warnings; small children should not play with toys that are designed for older children.
  • Examine toys regularly to be sure that they remain safe. Normal wear and tear can lead to safety issues. You’ll also want to check for sharp edges and exposed batteries or wires that could cause problems.
  • Cords, small items, and loose pieces of toys can quickly become choking hazards. Use safety harnesses in strollers and car seats to prevent children from becoming trapped or strangled.
  • Store toys out of the way. Shelves, closets, and toy boxes are all great places to store toys to prevent them from become home hazards that could lead to slip and fall accidents.

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