Protect Your Information from Scammers This Holiday Season

Tis the season for…scams? Unfortunately, impersonation scams increase around the holidays. You can keep your information safe by learning how to identify and avoid them.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from scams this holiday season.

What is an Impersonation Scam?

An impersonation scam is when someone contacts you under the guise of being someone you trust to get access to sensitive information. This might include Social Security numbers, bank information, medical details, or even your Amazon account information.

Phone calls, text messages, and email are common ways scammers attempt to contact people to gather information. You might receive a text message from “your boss” asking you to pick up some gift cards for a client gift, or you may get an email asking you to verify account information. Scammers are increasingly savvy, so these messages often seem genuine.

Being asked to purchase gift cards is a common scam, so always be on the alert if you receive a request that seems odd. If you’re using a QR code, scan it with your phone’s camera app instead of downloading a reader app. Some QR apps have ads that may lead to phishing websites.

Avoid Scam Artists

Never click on any links or provide your information without making sure it’s authentic. Call to verify if needed, but always look for the number on a bill or the business website instead of in the email that you received. Review links for misspellings or repeated characters, which can be a sign of a scam link. Link manipulation messages include a link to a phony website that looks official, so check the details.

Beware of false urgency. Scammers often try to get you to react quickly by creating a sense of urgency. If someone tries to convince you that you need to act right away, be very cautious. In some cases, the scammer will try to get you to volunteer personal information. This could include messages or emails that ask you to provide verification codes that are sent to your phone or your account information.

You’ll also want to exercise caution when using online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace. Scams can happen to both buyers and sellers.

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