The Importance of Proper Gas Storage: Avoiding Accidents and Injuries

Whether you need gas for your lawnmower or kerosene for your camp stove, it’s important to know how to store fuel safely. Improper storage can increase the risk of fire or accidental ingestion by a child or pet. It can also cause the fuel to degrade.

Portable fuel containers can pose a major risk. If the fuel vapor leaves the container and meets a spark or flame, it can cause a flame explosion that can lead to serious injuries and property damage.

Fuel Containers and Gas Storage

Fire codes typically restrict gas storage for homeowners to no more than 25 gallons, which should be stored in containers of 5 gallons or less that are approved for containing gasoline. An approved container will have a label that states that it meets the requirements for portable containers for petroleum products. Make sure it is child resistant and keep the container out of reach of children. Don’t store gas in glass or unapproved containers.

Avoid filling the container more than 95% full. You need to leave room to allow for expansion. Keep the container tightly sealed. Gas is flammable and should be stored at room temperature. Keep the container away from potential heat sources including the sun, space heaters, furnaces, etc. The container should also be at least 50 feet away from ignition sources, like pilot lights. Don’t smoke in the area where gas is being handled or stored.

Gas Safety Tips

Wait until the engine and attachments are cool before adding gasoline to your lawnmower or other small engines. Store gas in a building that is separate from the house, such as a shed or garage. Handle it outdoors for better ventilation.

Never mix gasoline with kerosene or diesel, and don’t use gas in kerosene heaters or lamps.

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