Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

As the weather gets warmer, motorcycling becomes a common transportation option for many Americans. Because motorcycles are often less visible than other forms of transportation, it is important for drivers to stay aware of their surroundings and for motorcycle operators to take important safety measures to ensure that they are visible to motorists.

Riding Gear

motorcycle safetyMotorcyclists can increase their visibility on the road by wearing reflective clothing. Goggles or full face helmets can protect the eyes. Durable gloves will protect the motorcyclist’s hands. Covering arms and legs, even in warmer temperatures, can protect skin in the event of an accident or fall; it can also help prevent sunburn on sunny days. Motorcyclists should also invest in a pair of sturdy shoes or boots to wear while riding.

Perhaps the most important safety measure motorcyclists can take is investing in and wearing a properly fitted motorcycle helmet. According to the 2012 Motorcycle Operator Manual, one of every five motorcycle crashes results in head or neck injuries. Many of these injuries can be prevented or less damaging if motorcyclists wear helmets; in fact, helmet use reduces risk of brain injuries by 67%.

Prevent Accidents

Motorcyclists should be aware of and follow all road laws for motorcycle use. It’s important for motorcyclists to remember that other drivers may not be aware of them and to drive as though that is the case. Use signals when changing lanes and prevent causing road hazards by securely fastening any items that are being transported on the motorcycle.

By employing basic safety measures, motorcyclists should have a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

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