Preventable Deaths at an All Time High

Preventable deaths are the third leading cause of death in the US and have reached record numbers, due in large part to the opioid crisis. In fact, four in ten Americans have been impacted by preventable deaths. 75% of preventable incidents happen in homes and communities.

As the name implies, preventable deaths can be prevented. Here are some of the most common preventable deaths and tips for preventing them.

Opioids and Other Poisons

Sadly, more than 37,000 Americans die from opioids each year. Education is key here. Individuals who take opioid painkillers can quickly develop a tolerance to and dependence on this type of drug, so it’s important to stay informed and discuss any prescribed painkillers with your medical provider. Do not take opioids that are not prescribed to you. If you have painkillers you no longer need for a medical condition, dispose of them properly. Talk to your children about why they should not take drugs that are not prescribed to them, and keep all medication out of reach of children.

More than 90% of poisonings happen at home. If you suspect poisoning, be on the lookout for symptoms such as vomiting, confusion, difficulty breathing, burns/redness around mouth and lips, and breath that smells like chemicals. Seek medical attention immediately.

Choking and Suffocation

Living alone, difficulty swallowing, or having dentures can increase the choking risk for adults. Choking is a leading cause of death for infants. Here are some tips for making sure that your home is safe for younger and older relatives.

Slips and Falls

Falls are the top cause of injury-related death for adults 65 and over. Learn about risk factors and fall prevention here. Additionally, here are ideas for ways to make home safer for senior citizens.

Keep Kids Safe

From toys to window cords, car seats to batteries, kids are especially at risk of severe injuries. Understanding the risks that kids are most susceptible to can help you prevent these types of injuries.

Having emergency plans in place for fires, tornados, and other disasters can also help prevent fatal incidents. Understanding the signs of concussion can help you seek treatment if needed. Avoid being distracted while walking.

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