Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather

Winter is just around the corner, bringing harsher weather as well as a busier social calendar. Autumn is a great time to take a look around your home and make any necessary repairs or updates to prepare for winter weather, especially if you travel frequently during the winter. In this post we’ll share some tips for winterizing your home this fall.

Outdoor Maintenance

file611290383511Clear the gutters. Gutters need to be free of leaves and other debris to allow water to flow instead of sitting on your roof.

Drain your garden hose lines and turn off the water supply to valves that are located outdoors. Remove the hose from the valve and store it for the winter. This will help prevent pipe bursts during colder winter weather.

Check outdoor stairs and sidewalks. Make repairs as needed to prevent slip and fall accidents in winter weather.

Take care of the yard and garden. Trim back plants as needed, including any tree branches that may affect your home during a winter storm. Cover your outdoor furniture or bring it inside to store for the winter. Your air conditioning unit and grill should also be covered to prevent damage from snow and ice.

Indoor Maintenance

If you’ve been considering making the switch to energy efficient windows, this is a great time of year to do so. Energy efficient windows will keep your home warmer throughout the winter and should help you save on heating bills. If new windows aren’t in the budget this year, you can purchase window insulation kits to seal leaks and prevent drafts.

Take time to examine the weather stripping around your home’s doors. Replace weather stripping that is cracked or worn.

Clean your air registers with your vacuum’s hose to remove any dust or dirt.

Change your furnace filter. Check to see when your heating system was last examined; it may be time to have it checked. If you have a wood burning fireplace, clean it or hire a chimney sweep to do so for you. Electric and gas fireplaces should also be examined and cleaned.

Preparing your home for winter can help you avoid slip and fall accidents, weather damage, high heating bills, and fire. Here at Schuerman Law, we truly care about our friends and neighbors and want everyone to stay safe this winter.

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