A Guide to Safe Holiday Gift Giving

Hoverboards were a popular holiday gift in 2015…until they started causing house fires and broken bones. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled many of these toys due to these and other issues.

There are a number of safety factors to consider when purchasing gifts for children and teens. After all, toys are frequently recalled due to safety concerns.

safe holiday giftsCheck the Age Range

Are the gifts you’re considering purchasing this year appropriate for the age range of the recipient? Do the match the recipient’s skill level? Dolls may seem like a great gift for your three year old niece, but if they are packaged with tiny plastic shoes and other small parts they could pose a choking hazard.

Check all toys to be sure that they have no sharp points or edges. They should be sturdy enough to not break upon impact. Avoid toys that shoot or include flying parts for young children.

Check the Label

Make sure that the toys you purchase have passed a safety inspection. This is especially true of discount labels or online private label brands. ATSM certification indicates that the item has passed the American Society for Testing and Material’s standards.

General Guidelines

If a toy includes a small piece that can fit inside of a toilet paper roll, it should not be given to a child under the age of three. Toys should not include ropes, cords, or any heating elements unless they are used under direct adult supervision (such as a weaving loom or EasyBake oven.)

If you’re gifting a child sports equipment such as a bike or roller blades, include protective gear such as a helmet and other safety equipment with the gift.

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