Schuerman Speaks About Voting at South Ripley

john-at-srAttorney John P. Schuerman spoke about the election process at South Ripley High School as a part of the Indiana Kids’ Election (IKE) Speakers’ Bureau.

IKE is a statewide program that provides free comprehensive curriculum guides to help Indiana schools meet the requirement of providing instructions about the election process. Attorneys, judges, paralegals, and law students are given the opportunity to volunteer to deliver a one hour presentation about the election process.

Students who participate in the IKE program will elect their own governor, president, and senator on November 8, 2016. They were also required to register to vote on or before Tuesday, October 11th. The Indiana Kids’ Election is based on the idea that while voting is sometimes inspired by passion, it is often a habit. Building the habit early through education is a strategy to increase future voter turnout.

Attorney Schuerman volunteered to discuss the United States voting process with students at South Ripley on Monday, November 7th. John believes that it is important to educate students about their rights as citizens.

IKE’s award-winning mock election program has been approved as an official 2016 Bicentennial Legacy Project by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission. The program is sponsored by the Indiana State Bar Association, the Indiana Secretary of State, the Indiana Department of Education, as well as Duke Energy, the Indiana Bar Foundation, and Anthem.