Fire Safety for Kids: Prevent Burns from Gas Fireplaces

Every day, three children under the age of six go to the emergency room for burns related to fireplaces, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. To raise awareness about the dangers associated with gas fireplaces, they created a great infographic which you can find here.

Third-degree burns can occur with less than one second of contact with the glass on the front of a gas fireplace. It’s important to teach kids not to touch the glass and to stay away from fires in places outside of your home, such as restaurants and hotels, that may not have barriers to prevent little ones from getting too close to the heat.

Water boils at around 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass front of a gas fireplace is more than double that temperature, clocking in at around 500 degrees. Since younger children have thinner skin on their palms, they often suffer more serious burn injuries from glass on gas fireplaces.

Kids can also be unsteady, particularly as they are learning to walk. They may grab at surfaces within their reach to pull themselves up or prevent a fall. They also have slower reflexes to move their hands when touching something that is hot.

In addition to supervising children around fireplaces, install a safety screen or gate to prevent them from getting too close to the source of heat. Keep the fireplace remote out of sight and reach of children. Make sure they stay away from any on/off switches for the fireplace.

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