Prevent Holiday Injuries This Season

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has compiled advice for keeping everyone safe and preventing holiday injuries this season. From holiday cooking and decoration to the toys under the Christmas tree, safety issues can cause serious injuries.

Holiday Injuries in the Kitchen

Cooking is the top cause of residential fires. An average of 1,700 cooking fires happen on Thanksgiving Day each year. This is over three times the average number of fires on any other day of the year. Scald/burn injuries involving turkey fires have resulted in 81 injuries and over $9 million in property loss in the past twenty years.

If you are frying a turkey for the holidays, do so outdoors and away from your home. Do not use the fryer on your porch or in the garage. Follow manufacturer instructions for use and do not overfill the oil in the fryer.

Never leave food unattended on the stove while it’s cooking. Keep children and flammable items away from the cooking area. Keep a fire extinguisher readily accessible and test your smoke alarms regularly. If a pan happens to catch fire while you’re cooking, cover it with a lid to smother the flames or use a fire extinguisher. Do not use flour or water to put out a pan fire. Call 911 if necessary.

Decking the Halls Safely

Throughout the holiday season, there are an average of 200 decorating-related injuries each day. About half of these incidents involve falls. Last year, there were six fatalities associated with holiday decorating.

Christmas tree fires and candle fires can quickly lead to serious injuries. If you have a live Christmas tree, make sure it has plenty of water. If you buy an artificial tree, look for the “fire resistant” label. Never leave a candle burning out of sight and keep candles away from any flammable items. Only use holiday lights that have been tested for safety by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. If your lights have broken or cracked sockets, loose connections, or frayed/bare wires, throw them out.

Avoid Toy Injuries

Sure, stepping on a rectangular plastic block in the middle of the night is no one’s idea of fun, but there are a variety of other ways toys can cause injuries, particularly for young children. Toys with small parts can present choking hazards, and riding toys can lead to nasty falls and other injuries.

Be on the lookout for toy recalls. Follow safety information, including age guidelines, on toy packaging. Get safety gear such as helmets for scooters, bikes, and the like. Helmets should fit correctly and should be worn at all times when using these toys. Keep toys with small parts away from young children. Discard broken balloons right away and keep them away from children under age 8.

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