Daycare & Child Injuries

file0001900059289Kids will be kids, and they’re bound to get hurt from time to time. Whether it’s a bump on the head while tussling over a favored toy or a scraped knee from falling during a game of tag, minor injuries are common during childhood years.

Most child injuries in daycare settings are caused by falling, which probably isn’t surprising if you’ve recently spent any amount of time around a younger child. If your child is injured at daycare, it is likely the result of an accident. However, all child injuries that occur at licensed childcare facilities should be reported.

The professionals at your child’s daycare center should know how to respond to any injuries that could occur at the facility. Be sure to ask about first aid and safety training when considering a daycare for your child’s care.

Unfortunately, some child injuries are much more serious than a scraped elbow or bee sting. Broken bones, head injuries, and near drowning are just a few examples of injuries that could lead to chronic conditions or a need for ongoing treatment.

In many child injury cases, negligence has occurred due to unsafe premises or failure to adequately supervise children. In some of the most heartbreaking cases, abuse is a factor.

If you’re concerned that your child has suffered a preventable injury at daycare, you can contact the local police. You can also call the Indiana Department of Child Services’ Indiana Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 1-800-800-5556.

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