Celebrate National Senior Independence Month

February is National Senior Independence Month, so we’re sharing tips for helping you and/or the seniors in your life remain independent.

Prevention is Key

Making living space upgrades to help prevent slip and fall incidents and other accidents in the home can really increase peace of mind for seniors and their loved ones. Consider installing grab bars in the shower and around the toilet. Install non-slip mats in the bathroom and entryways.

Make any necessary repairs or changes, such as fixing a loose railing or moving a lamp so the power cord doesn’t create a tripping hazard. Also, look at the furniture. Are there sharp corners that may cause bruising if you bump into them? If the answer is yes, find ways to rearrange the furniture to keep such items out of high traffic areas or add bumpers to help prevent bruising if you do bump into them.

Get Organized

There’s no better time than now! Get medical and financial paperwork in order. Clear clutter around the house, especially if there are piles of boxes or items that could create a falling hazard.

Lighten Up

Is there enough lighting for midnight trips to the bathroom or kitchen? Consider installing nightlights or special lighting to provide enough visibility for easy navigation without the need for overhead lights.

Be Social

Whether you are a senior or love a senior, socializing is important for staying happy, healthy, and independent for years to come. Make plans to speak to friends and loved ones regularly, even if it’s just a quick phone call at lunch. Consider using a cell phone or tablet to set up video calls so you can see each other even if you aren’t able to visit in person.

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