Avoid Wi-Fi Data Breaches While Traveling

ipad-laptop-phoneHow safe is your personal information when you access Wi-Fi while traveling? Public Wi-Fi is widely available and convenient, but it’s important to protect your security when using it.

A public Wi-Fi hotspot is a network that is set up to allow shared access to the internet. If the hotspot doesn’t require a password, it is accessible to anyone within range of the hotspot. Your data could be intercepted by others, so it’s always important to use caution when accessing any accounts or personal information in public.

If something seems unusual when you attempt to access Wi-Fi in a public space, do not access any important personal information. Stay aware of your surroundings when using the internet in a public area; make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder as you log into your accounts.

Do not leave your laptop or mobile device unattended while in a public space, as these items could easily be stolen or compromised. Turn off file sharing settings when using a wireless hotspot and manually choose the hotspot when connecting instead of setting your device to automatically join the nearest network.

If you receive social media connection requests from individuals that you’ve never met, do not accept them. These types of requests are often used to hack into social networks.

Make sure that your passwords are unique and strong to make them more difficult to hack. Change your passwords regularly and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts.

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