Stay Connected and Informed During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has rapidly changed our lives. Senior citizens, individuals living with brain injuries, individuals with special needs, and young children are among those who are struggling to adapt to significant changes. The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has created some great resources to help everyone stay connected and informed during this time.

Physical Distance, Social Connection

While Americans are encouraged to practice physical distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s important to stay socially connected. Many individuals were very eager to connect over video chats a few weeks ago and are now experiencing fatigue. For some, video calls can be overwhelming, particularly when a larger group tries to gather. Phone calls, sending notes in the mail, and interacting on social media can be good ways to connect with others.

The BIAA is creating a COVID-19 video series in collaboration with the Brain Injury Resource Center of Mount Sinai. These videos discuss how to manage feelings of isolation during this time of distancing.

Stay Informed

Shepherd Center provides information about how COVID-19 could impact individuals with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or MS in this Q&A article. People at the greatest risk of infection are those who have had prolonged and unprotected close contact with symptomatic, confirmed COVID-19 as well as those who live in or have recently traveled to areas with sustained transmission. At this time, there is not enough data to identify risk factors for severe clinical outcomes, although it is possible that older adults and individuals with underlying chronic medical conditions may be at increased risk.

Stay healthy and take care!

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