Home Safety: Have a Plan and Avoid Hidden Hazards

Whether you’re an essential worker, sheltering in place, or slowly returning to your normal work environment, these simple safety steps recommended by the United States Consumer Product and Safety Commission can help you and your loved ones stay safe at home.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety

Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms to make sure that they are working properly. If you don’t already have a fire escape plan, create one. Discuss the plan with everyone in your home and talk about plans to provide assistance to young children and older adults to get them to your designated meeting spot safely in case of an emergency. Stay in the kitchen while preparing food on the stovetop.

Store Medicine and Cleaning Products Out of Reach

You’re likely disinfecting surfaces in your home even more than usual, so it’s especially important to remember to keep cleaning products out of reach of children. Keep medication and cleaning products in their original containers with labels and child-resistant closures.

Store household chemicals, laundry packets, and all medications away from children. More than 70,000 children were taken to the emergency room in 2018 due to unintended pediatric poisoning. More than 85% of the incidents happened at home, most frequently with acetaminophen, blood pressure medications, ibuprofen, bleach, and laundry packets. Program the Poison Control Center’s hotline (800-222-1222) in your mobile phone.

Prevent Falls and Furniture Tip Over

Stairs should be well-lit and free from tripping hazards. Make sure that the handrail is secure. All rugs in the home should be secured to prevent falls. Remove any items that can be tripped over, such as cords. Do not climb ladders alone. Install grab bars and slip-resistant surfaces in your bathroom.

Anchor furniture such as dressers and bookshelves to the wall to prevent injuries from heavy objects tipping over. Televisions and appliances should also be secured.

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