National Consumer Protection Week

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hosts National Consumer Protection Week during the first full week of March each year. Throughout this week, the FTC and partners provide information and advice on scams, identity theft, and other consumer protection issues.


From Netflix phishing to Social Security scams, the FTC provides detailed information about trending scams on its website. Familiarize yourself with these scams so you’re aware of red flags.

Identity Theft

When someone else uses your Social Security number or other personal details to open new accounts, get a tax refund, or purchase items, it is known as identity theft. Unfortunately, there are several steps to recovering your identity when it is stolen. The US government has created a one-stop website to help you report identity theft and recover your identity. It is called

If you get see unfamiliar accounts on your credit report or notice strange bank account withdrawals, you might be experiencing identity theft. If you see a warning sign of identity theft, it’s important to take action right away. offers checklists and step by step guides to help you.

Secure Your Personal Information

You can help reduce your risk of identity theft by protecting your personal information. Lock your financial documents and other records in a secure location at home, and limit what information you carry with you. Before sharing information, ask why it is needed, how it will be protected, and what the consequences are if you choose not to share that information.

Shred receipts, credit applications, bank statements, expired credit cards, and other documents that include personal information as soon as you no longer need them. If you’re receiving many prescreened offers, you can opt out by calling 1-888-567-8688 or going to Avoid sharing too much personal information on social networking sites—remember that anything you post is public.

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