What You Should Know About the Chevy Bolt Recall

GM has recalled Chevrolet Bolt vehicles from model year 2017-2022 due to risk of the high-voltage battery pack catching fire. The recall affects more than 100,000 vehicles. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) is aware of a fire with the interim remedy and three fires with the subsequent remedy. There is an ongoing NHTSA investigation into the recall remedies and reported incidents.

This GM recall applies to all Bolt vehicles, even those that may have received an earlier recall repair for the fire risk. GM is requesting that Bolt vehicles be parked outdoors and away from structures. The vehicles should not be charged overnight.

Chevrolet Bolt owners are asked to set their vehicles to the 90% state of charge limitation. If owners are unable to make this change, GM recommends visiting a local dealer immediately to have the change made. GM also asks that Bolt owners recharge the battery after each use instead of waiting until the battery is almost run down before charging it.

In the meantime, GM is continuing to investigate the issue and work toward a final fix. Until that is achieved, Bolt owners should follow the recommendations above.

You can learn more about current vehicle recalls on the NHTSA site.

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