Follow Federal Safety Regulations for Trailers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has seen an increase in noncompliant trailers being imported that may pose a safety risk being sold to small businesses. Often these trailers are marketed as food trucks or vending stations.

These trailers are not permitted under U.S. law unless they are certified as meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. If you’re planning to purchase a trailer, make sure it complies with federal regulations.

Federal Trailer Safety Standards

The safety standards are designed to ensure that trailers are equipped with critical safety components like lighting, tires, and wheels. If a trailer is compliant with these standards, it will have a label affixed to it that shows that it meets all applicable safety standards.

Companies must be registered with NHTSA to manufacture trailers that are compliant with these standards. If you’re considering buying a trailer, check the Vehicle Product Information Catalog and Vehicle Listing Manufacturer Portal to see if the manufacturer is listed with NHTSA.

Learn more about importation and certification of trailers.

Trailer Accidents

Trailer accidents are often caused by the same things that contribute to collisions for other vehicles. Speeding, distracted driving, and other risky behaviors can cause serious accidents, but the results can be even more devastating when towing a trailer.

Braking safely is crucial when towing a trailer, and it can be challenging for drivers who are new to towing or experiencing unexpected conditions such as wet roads. Allowing enough room for turns and factoring in the weight of the trailer for longer stopping distances also adds to the challenge of towing a trailer.

If you’re towing a trailer, be sure to inspect your hauling vehicle and the trailer before getting on the road. Follow all federal and state standards for safe trailer usage, such as using the proper tires and checking the weight distribution. Make sure the trailer is hitched to your vehicle correctly to prevent it from getting loose or detaching while you’re driving.

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