How to Prevent Common Workplace Hazards

From chemical management to housekeeping, there are common workplace hazards that National Safety Council inspectors see again and again. Taking steps to help prevent these hazards can lead to fewer workplace injuries and instill a culture of safety.

In this article, we’re sharing a few of the most common workplace hazards and what you can to mitigate or prevent them.

Working at Height

Falls are a common workplace injury. Some of the most frequently cited OSHA violations are related to scaffolding and ladders. Providing fall protection is crucial for working at height, but sometimes fall protection gear isn’t worn correctly or hooked up to anything. Sometimes employers don’t even have a written procedure or process for fall protection.

Identify all locations where fall protection is needed and regularly audit the fall protection program to make sure everyone is following proper procedures. Make sure employees have the right size gear and remind them to hook to the anchor point when working at height. Make sure personal protective equipment is well maintained and in good condition. Inspect gear regularly and remove it when damaged.

In some work environments, it might make sense to build a platform with standard railings and a swing gate in front of a fixed ladder. This can take the place of personal fall protection equipment.

Clutter Problems

Fire exits, aisles, and emergency exits need to remain clear of clutter. Yet this is a common issue experienced in many workplaces. Clean up spills as they occur and take care of any leaks or standing water right away to prevent slips, trips, and falls. Make sure electrical rooms are free of clutter; they should not be used for storage.

Using extension cords inappropriately is another common issue, with “daisy chaining” being one of the most frequent problems. Using multiple extension cords or power strips for a device can potentially result in a fire. Also, having extension cords on the ground is a tripping hazard. Forklifts or people walking can wear down the cords, creating shock hazards.

Chemical Management

Working with chemicals can get expensive. It can be easy to overlook a small bottle, but some chemicals can degrade and/or become unstable over time. If your organize uses chemicals, you need to have a control system to know what the chemicals are for. OSHA requires facilities to keep inventory of all products. Record the chemical’s expiration date and be sure to use the chemical by that date or dispose of it properly.

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