Windows: Hidden Home Hazards

Windows are ranked as one of the top five hidden home hazards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately eight children under age 5 die each year from falling out of a window. More than 3,300 are injured seriously enough for a hospital visit after a fall.

Stay Safe Near Windows

Window screens can keep insects out, but that doesn’t mean that they will keep children in. Teach kids to play away from windows and keep furniture or any item a child can climb away from windows. Windows should be closed and locked when not in use. If your windows are six feet or higher from the ground, install window stops or guards according to ASTM standards. This means limiting the windows to opening less than four inches.

Window Coverings

There is also a risk related to window coverings. Those with loose or looped cords can cause children to become entangled and pose a strangulation risk. When possible, replace old corded window coverings with new coverings. If replacing older coverings isn’t an option, the Window Covering Safety Council offers free retrofit kits.

Emergency Escape Routes

Most residential building codes require sleeping areas to have a secondary way to escape in case of fire or smoke. That exit is frequently a window, but it’s important to make sure that the designated window is both safe and accessible. Make sure at least one window in each bedroom meets emergency exit requirements. Check to be sure that windows are not nailed or painted shut. Window stops, guards, security bars, grates, and grilles should have a release mechanism. Don’t block the window with a window unit air conditioner.

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