Trick or Treat Safety for Kids

Kids love Halloween. But with all of the fun of this time of year, there are several safety issues to consider.

trick or treatCostumes:

Choose light-colored or reflective costumes for easy visibility in the dark. Only purchase or create costumes with flame-retardant materials. Be sure wigs don’t cover eyes, noses, or mouths. Rather than purchasing a mask which can obscure a child’s vision, create the look with face paint or makeup. Ensure that the costume fits well to avoid trips and falls while trick or treating.

Trick or treating:

  • Children under age 12 should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Older children who are trick or treating on their own should go as a group and stick together and carry a cell phone, if possible.
  • Only go to houses with porch lights on and only walk on sidewalks on lit streets.
  • Do not enter a stranger’s home or car.
  • Make sure to only cross the street at crosswalks.
  • Only trick or treat in your neighborhood or at the homes of people that you and your children know.
  • Before the kids dig into their haul, check all of the treats to be sure that they are sealed, throwing away any candy with damaged packages, spoiled items, and homemade treats from anyone you don’t know.

Pumpkin Carving:

This time-honored fall tradition can quickly become dangerous without proper precautions. Don’t allow young children to use knives; instead, have them draw their designs on the pumpkin and do the carving for them. Have kids help remove the pumpkin seeds and pulp with their hands or an ice cream scoop. Use a glow stick or flameless candle to light up your carved pumpkin safely.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!