Stop Track Tragedies: Railroad Safety

In the United States, a person or train is hit by a train every three hours. Over 2,100 people are injured or killed annually in railroad crossing and trespassing incidents. And more than 60% of railroad collisions happen at crossings that are equipped with lights/gates.

Operation Lifesaver is sharing stories of track tragedies to raise awareness and help prevent these incidents during Railroad Safety Week and all year round.

Train Safety for Drivers

Trains can’t yield or stop quickly. When you see a train, it’s closer and moving faster than you think. Always be on the lookout for a train, as freight trains don’t follow set schedules.

The only way to safely and legally cross railroad tracks is at a designated crossing. At a designated crossing, look both ways and cross the tracks quickly without stopping. Driving around gates that have been lowered is both illegal and dangerous. Don’t cross the tracks while lights are flashing or gates are down.

If you’re waiting for a train to pass at a multiple track crossing, be on the lookout for a train on the other tracks. If your vehicle ever stalls on railroad tracks, get out and move away from the tracks. Find the blue and white Emergency Notification System (ENS) sign and call the number provided to share the crossing ID number with the dispatcher. If you can’t find a sign, call 911.

Railroad Safety for Pedestrians

Don’t walk on or beside railroad tracks and only cross at designated public crossings that have a crossbuck, flashing red lights, or a gate. Crossing railroad tracks anywhere else is against the law. Always be prepared for a train if you’re near railroad tracks. If you need to cross tracks on a bike, in a wheelchair, or with a stroller, use extra caution; if possible, walk across the tracks rather than riding.

Don’t pass flashing lights or go around lowered gates. Don’t cross until you can see clearly in both directions. Don’t enter railroad tunnels and stay off railroad bridges and trestles. There is only room for the train.

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