Stay Safe at the Office

file000194508473When you think of safety and health risks in working environments, you probably think of heavy equipment or physically demanding roles. However, office jobs can also present several safety challenges.

Slip and falls are the most common type of office injury. Clutter in hallways and other walking areas can create a tripping hazard. Cords for computers and other office equipment should be secured and covered to help prevent falls. Take a good look at your office flooring; carpeting or another skid-resistant surface can help reduce falls, especially in wet or snowy weather. This is especially important at entrances, where shoes may be wet.

File cabinets and desks can be at risk for tipping over if they aren’t properly secured. This can cause significant damage to workers and/or office equipment. Take the time to ensure that these items are installed properly and inspect them regularly.

All office workers should have a setup that works for them, whether that means a standing desk or a chair that is set so that their feet are on the floor. To help reduce computer screen glare, avoid fluorescent lighting and use task lamps. Use shades or blinds to help reduce direct sunlight on the screen.

Everyone in the office should be aware of all escape routes in the event of fire. Schedule time annually to conduct drills to ensure that all employees are aware of what to do if the office catches fire or a severe storm comes through.

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