School Bus Stop Safety Tips

Riding the bus to and from school is much safer than traveling by car. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that students are approximately 70x more likely to arrive at school safely when traveling by bus.

School buses are highly visible and regulated. They’re also designed to be safer than automobiles in preventing crashes and injuries. Children are protected from other vehicles on the road by the stop-arm laws that require drivers to stop when the school bus stop-arm is out.

Bus Stop Tips

Your child is much more likely to be injured while getting onto or off a school bus than while riding it. To mitigate risk, get to the bus stop at least five minutes before scheduled arrival. Wait at least six feet away from the curb.

When the bus arrives, wait until it stops completely and the door is open before boarding. Use the handrails to prevent falls. Don’t walk behind the bus. If your child needs to cross the street to board the bus, they should cross about 10 feet in front of the bus to stay visible to the driver. Teach your child to make eye contact with the bus driver to ensure they can be seen. If something is dropped, the safest thing to do is to alert the bus driver. Reaching down to pick up a dropped item could cause the driver to lose sight of the child.

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