Red Cross Water Safety Recommendations

May is National Water Safety Month. The American Red Cross wants to make sure that everyone in your family is water competent. That means that everyone is aware of water safety practices, has swimming skills, and knows how to help others if danger arises.

Water Safety Tips

Always swim with a buddy in a designated area that is supervised by lifeguards. If you are swimming in a backyard pool, do not swim alone. Always actively supervise children who are in or around water. While in the water with a child, stay within arm’s reach and avoid getting distracted. When pool toys are not in use, keep them away from the pool and out of sight to prevent temptation for small children.

If you have a pool or hot tub at your home, install and use barriers around the water. Fence the pool or hot tub with an adequate barrier.

While boating, wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets. Children and inexperienced swimmers can benefit from wearing life jackets while swimming as well. If a swimmer requires assistance, reach or throw aid to them instead of diving in to help.

Enjoy the water safely!

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