Prevent Winter Sports Injuries

Snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, and snow skiing are all fun activities, but they have a couple of important things in common. One, they only take place in winter months (unless you travel or go to an indoor ice rink) and two, they can all lead to sports injuries without proper precautions.

Common Winter Sports Injuries

The most frequent winter sports injuries include sprains, fractures, dislocations, and strains. Cold weather can also cause frostbite, hypothermia, and more minor conditions such as chapped lips. Proper gear and layers are essential.

Winter sports injuries frequently occur towards the end of the day. It’s easy to overexert yourself, especially if you are cold and perhaps unaware that you are getting less alert or experiencing a bit of pain.

Preventing Winter Injuries

Regular physical conditioning can help most individuals prevent winter sports injuries. Start slow and build your sport-specific endurance. For example, don’t throw yourself headlong into skiing if you haven’t been in several months. Always warm up before participating in your favorite winter sport, and do not participate alone.

Always wear the protective gear that is recommend for your sport of choice and make sure that your equipment works properly before using it. Layer clothing to accommodate fluctuating body temperature, and choose footwear with proper ankle support as well as dryness. Watch the weather and go indoors if there is a storm or major drop in temperature. Stay hydrated and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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