Observe Burn Awareness Week

scald injuriesThe National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that most fire-related injuries are burns; approximately every 60 seconds an individual in the US sustains a burn injury that is serious enough to require treatment.

Burn Awareness Week is observed during the first full week in February. This year it is from February 3rd-9th. The event raises burn awareness and provides education about burn prevention, and this year the focus is on scald prevention.

Scald injuries can occur at any age, but children, older adults, and individuals with special needs are especially at risk. Devastating injuries can be caused by everything from overly hot bath water to microwaved soup. Scald burns are the second leading cause of burn injuries.

Here are some tips for preventing scald burns from the NFPA.

Microwave Dangers

Prepackaged soups heated in the microwave can easily tip over, pouring hot liquid that causes a scald injury. Microwaved food in general can cause injury if consumed or handled while too hot, so exercise caution when preparing food in the microwave. Open microwaved foods slowly and keep them away from your face. Always place hot liquids and food in the center of a table or toward the back of a counter to prevent injury, and keep a “kid-free zone” at least three feet around the stove and any areas where food is being carried or prepared.

Stay Out of Hot Water

Be sure that you never heat a baby’s bottle in the microwave. Instead, use warm water from the faucet and test the liquid before providing it to the infant. Bath water should be tested by moving your hand, wrist, and forearm through the water, which should feel warm (not hot) to your touch. Make sure that you always supervise a child who is in or near a bathtub and install anti-scald devices on your tub faucets and shower heads.

Treat a Burn

If you or a loved one is burned, treat the affected area right away. Use cool water to cool the burn for 3-5 minutes. Cover the burn with a clean, dry cloth and seek medical help if needed.

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