National Childhood Injury Prevention Week

The first week of September is National Childhood Injury Prevention Week. Many child injuries are preventable. This national movement encourages parents and caregivers to become informed about common causes of child injuries to be part of the movement to reduce child fatalities and injuries.

Make Home a Safer Place

Unfortunately, the most common place for children to be injured is at home. It’s important to child-proof your home, locking medications, household chemicals, and other potentially harmful substances away and out of reach. Secure furniture to walls to prevent tip overs. Remove tripping hazards and make sure sharp corners (such as coffee tables) are padded or placed out of high traffic areas.

Talk about fire safety and what to do if the smoke alarm goes off. Plan for where to meet during a home emergency and practice the route from different rooms of your house.

Check toys for potential hazards and make sure all play equipment is properly assembled and well maintained. Teach your child about the importance of water safety from an early age and encourage them to take swimming lessons.

Road Safety for Kids

Explain the importance of road safety from both the pedestrian and passenger views. As a pedestrian, your child should learn to stop and look both ways before crossing a street. As a passenger, it’s important to sit in a car seat that is properly secured and avoid temper tantrums, which can cause distracted driving.

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