Is Your Home Safe For Your Younger and Older Relatives?

As the holiday season approaches and you start making a list and checking it twice, consider the safety of your home. If you don’t live with young children or older adults, there are many areas of your home that could potentially be unsafe without some foresight. If you plan to host a holiday meal or have overnight guests of varying ages, here are a few things to think about to help prevent home accidents.

holiday visitorsWalking Hazards

Loose rugs, furniture arrangements, sharp edges, cords, and floor clutter such as shoes and toys can all pose serious risks to those who aren’t used to looking out for them. Remove loose rugs or add non-slip grips to prevent them from sliding. Consider temporarily rearranging your furniture to make your home easier to navigate. Add furniture bumpers to sharp edges of countertops, tables, and other furniture to help prevent injury. Cords and wires should be taped down with electrical tape or secured along baseboards to prevent tripping and choking injuries.

Stairs can also be a cause of concern for adults with mobility issues as well as small children. Offer guests assistance with climbing any steps necessary. Make sure that any outdoor steps are cleared of snow and ice. Check your railings and make sure that they are sturdy.

Houseguest Concerns

If your family member or friend is staying overnight in your home, you may want to think about installing grab bars near the toilet and around the shower in the bathroom they’ll be using. Add non-slip strips to the tub to prevent falls in the shower and make sure that the bathroom rugs do not slide when stepped on.

Night lights can help overnight guests who are less familiar with your home navigate it at night. It’s helpful to install them to show the path to the bathroom and near any stairs in your home. If you have pets, you may want to consider confining them to a specific area of the house while your guests are in town, or make sure that your guests are settled in the room before allowing the pets to enter.

A Special Note for the Little Ones

If you haven’t had a small child visit your home recently, you may have forgotten just how active they can be! Make sure that any breakable items are stored safely out of reach of children. Install locks on cabinets containing cleaning supplies and other chemicals, or make sure that all hazardous chemicals are stored far from the reach of the little ones. Check to be sure that the strings from your window blinds and any cords are secured or out of reach, as these can pose serious choking hazards. Install plastic plugs in any electrical outlets that are not in use.

Keep Your Relatives Safe

Being home and comfortable doesn’t mean that your loved ones are free of risk. From bumps in the night to slippery rugs, there’s nothing like a home accident resulting in a trip to the hospital to sour the holidays.

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