Helmets Reduce Risk of Head Injury

A CDC report found that adult bicycle-related deaths increased between 2009-2018. In addition, nearly 597,000 bicycle-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) were treated in US emergency departments during that same period, with males three times more likely to find themselves in the hospital.

Reduce Your Injury Risk

Wearing helmets can reduce your risk of head injury, including TBIs. A helmet absorbs much of the impact from a collision or fall, protecting your skull and brain from more severe injuries.

Bike helmets must meet the CPSC federal safety standard. Look for a label regarding the safety standard on the liner inside the helmet, attached to the chin strap, or on the outside of the helmet.

You don’t just need to wear a helmet while riding a bike or motorcycle: a recent CSPC report found that injuries from skateboards, hoverboards, and scooters increased by 39% between March and September 2020. If you’re not sure which helmet is needed for an activity, check out this resource.

Prevent Sports-Related Head Injuries

Wear a helmet and any other necessary safety gear when playing sports or cycling. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for equipment use. Be on the lookout for vehicles and always follow the rules of the road.

When wearing a helmet, make sure it fits properly. If you fall or experience a collision, replace your helmet. You may not see the damage, but these types of incidents can impact your helmet. If you see cracks in the shell or worn straps, it’s time to get a new helmet.

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