Driving Tips for Sunny Days

While driving on a gorgeous summer day is a great way to see beautiful scenery, it can become dangerous if the sun’s glare makes it difficult to see.

The time just after the sun rises and before it sets can be particularly challenging. The sun can shine directly into your eyes, making it harder to see the road and any potential hazards.

Driving in the Sun’s Glare

Sometimes the analog options are best: use your sun visor to help block out the sun and consider wearing polarized sunglasses to reduce the glare. Keeping your windshield clean can also help improve your visibility on sunny days (and every day).

If you experience a lot of issues with sun glare while driving, it might be worth looking into getting your vehicle’s windows tinted.

Improve Visibility

If you’re having trouble seeing the road, leave more room between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. Turn your headlights on to increase visibility for your vehicle. Most importantly, slow down and exercise caution. An animal crossing the road or other unexpected obstacle can lead to a serious accident.

Shift Your Schedule

If possible, you might want to consider not driving when the sun’s glare is brightest. This might not work for your schedule all the time, but as the season shifts, you may be able to move your schedule slightly. The sun changes position quickly in the morning and evening, so changing your schedule by 10-15 minutes can make a real impact on this issue.

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