Doctor’s Visit Guide

file0001053006156Do you accompany your loved one on doctor’s visits? Whether you’re providing care for an aging parent, young child, or an injured family member, it’s important to work closely with your loved one’s care providers. In this blog post, we’ll share tips for an effective visit to the doctor’s office.

Prior to the Visit

  • Keep a list of any questions or concerns you’d like to address with the physician.
  • Write down the patient’s current symptoms and any changes that have occurred since the last visit.
  • Track all medications, over the counter drugs, and any supplements the patient is taking. Share the list (including dosage) with the doctor.

At the Doctor’s Office

  • Share the list (including dosage) with the doctor.
  • Ask questions from your list.
  • Take note of any instructions given by the doctor.
  • Report all symptoms without attempting to diagnose the patient.
  • Talk about the doctor’s recommendations and any follow up steps you should take before the next examination.

Post Appointment

  • Check prescriptions and fill any new prescriptions.
  • Update your calendar with the time and date of the next office visit.
  • Review your notes.
  • Discuss the follow up instructions with your loved one.

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