Baby Safety Month: Tips for Safe Play Time

There are numerous products designed to give parents some hands-free time while also entertaining the baby. Infant swings, activity centers, and bouncers are all common baby items that can be fun for the family, but it’s important to use them safely.

Keep Play Time Safe

Whether you’re selecting an infant swing, bouncer, toy, or other item, you’ll need to do some research. Is the item right for your baby’s age, weight, and height? Are there any safety concerns that need to be considered? What are the manufacturer’s guidelines for using the product safely? If you’re making a purchase, you might want to consider how long you anticipate your baby will fit the minimum to maximum height and weight guidelines for the product.

Play Time Safety Tips

Stay in the same room as the baby while they’re using the swing, bouncer, activity center, or other toys. Do not leave the baby unattended. Secure any straps as directed by the manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for height, weight, age, and any other instructions.

Where you set up the baby’s play area matters. Don’t place these types of items on soft surfaces like beds or sofas. Avoid placement near windows, stairs, blinds, televisions, or items with cords that the baby can reach. Only set up items like swings, bouncers, and activity centers on flat and level surfaces to prevent the items from tipping over.

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