Prevent Vacation Injuries

IMG_7015Like most Americans, you probably spend months saving up for and dreaming about your next vacation. After all, vacation gives us a chance to relax, explore, and spend quality time with the people we love. No one goes on vacation expecting to have a less than positive experience, but for the thousands of individuals who are injured while traveling each year, being away from home can quickly become a hindrance.

Last month’s tragic incident involving a toddler being snatched by a gator while splashing in the water at a Florida resort is an extreme example that received a lot of media coverage, but people are injured—sometimes fatally—while on vacation every day. Reports of accidents at national parks, near drownings, broken bones, food poisoning, automobile accidents, and more abound. What can you do to travel responsibly?

Don’t Overdo It

Traveling gives us the opportunity to shed our daily routines and try new things. It reminds us to live in the moment, but it can also make us feel invincible. It’s important to enjoy your vacation, but it’s equally important to remember your limits. You may love the idea of zip lining or climbing a mountain, but be sure to plan ahead and be honest with yourself about your physical fitness and abilities. If you struggle to walk more than a mile, going on a 16 mile hike with little gear and experience could put you in a dangerous position.

If you’re visiting an area with a different climate, be sure that you pack adequate clothing. Staying hydrated and properly fueled is also very important, especially since most people tend to be more active on vacation.

Follow the Rules

Rules advising you not to climb on a statue or stray from the hiking trail may seem unnecessary and annoying, but they are often in place to protect you as well as the sight or habitat you are visiting. Too many individuals have been seriously injured or even lost their lives to photo opportunities. Is that selfie with a grizzly really worth risking your life?

What should you do if you or a loved one is seriously injured on vacation?

Even when you exercise caution and follow all of the rules, things happen. Injuries related to slip and fall accidents, automobile accidents, concussions and more can occur no matter where you are located. Here are steps to take if you or someone you care about is injured on vacation:

Get medical help: If you’re in a different state or country, you may be hesitant to seek medical care depending on the nature of the injury. But many injuries only worsen without treatment, so it’s important to get proper medical care as quickly as possible.

Take photos: If the injury occurred due to an unsafe structure or other issue beyond your control, take pictures of your injuries and the area where the injuries occurred. If you were involved in a car accident, be sure to gather name and contact information for any parties involved as well as witnesses.

File a report: Report motor vehicle accidents to the local police. Whether the injury occurs at a theme park, your hotel, your vacation rental, at a tourist site, or elsewhere, report the incident to management and get a copy of the report for your personal records.

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