When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

e3bc10d77963468f2705f7119c049b73If you or a loved one has been injured due to an accident such as a motor vehicle crash, medical malpractice, motorcycle crash, or defective product, you may be considering hiring a personal injury attorney. You probably also have a few questions about the process, so we’re answering a few of the top questions in this blog post.

What can a personal injury attorney help with?

Medical bills and the cost of property damage can become burdensome quickly. A personal injury attorney can help you make sure that medical bills are paid or assist you in getting the property damage claim for your vehicle paid. Perhaps even more importantly, an experienced personal injury attorney can be your advocate in complicated legal proceedings. Insurance companies have experts to help them save money. Having a personal injury attorney represent you can help even the playing field.

When should I call?

The best time to contact a personal injury attorney is right after you are injured or released from the emergency room in the event of an accident. If you believe you are a medical malpractice victim, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible, as there is a statute of limitation to consider.

If you have severe injuries, expensive medical bills, and/or will experience a major loss of wages due to personal injury, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney for legal advice.

What should I know when selecting a personal injury attorney?

Attorneys have all kind of specialties, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re contacting an attorney who focuses on personal injury. The attorney’s reputation is also important, and a quick online search can usually give you a good idea of whether you might want to work with someone.

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