Are Electric Scooters a Personal Injury Risk?

076Rentable electric scooters have become trendy in many cities across the United States in the past year. Recently they’ve been spotted in Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

Bird, Lime, Scoot, and other companies offer easy electric scooter rental through their smartphone applications. Users can search for a nearby scooter, rent it, and ride it within minutes. These dockless scooters are smaller than bicycles and can help users get from one place to another quickly without a car. However, there are several personal injury risks to consider.

Riders aren’t required to wear helmets, but electric scooters move about twice as fast as a bicycle at cruising speed. Potholes, broken sidewalks, pedestrians, traffic, and other challenges can cause accidents. Currently, laws and regulations for electric scooter use vary by location. Emergency rooms are seeing an uptick in injuries associated with irresponsible use of electric scooters.

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is raising awareness about the risk of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) associated with riding an electric scooter without a helmet. BIAA President and CEO Susan Connors said, “Injuries suffered in electric scooter accidents can be devastating, especially without a helmet…a severely injured scooterist could become totally disabled, unable to work, and require a lifetime of ongoing personal, medical and rehabilitative care.”

If you want to try out a dockless electric scooter, be extra careful and wear a helmet!

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